A great new free teaching resource

A great new free teaching resource for young children from the BBC is Counting with Rodd, a series of  10 films  on the  Class Clips website: www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/  Search: counting with rodd

Each  6-minute episode  features the  irrepressible Rodd Christensen, who played  Spencer in the much – loved  Balamory series.  In Counting with Rodd, Rodd encourages  young children to delight in making their own number discoveries – just as he  does: ‘You know, a car has  4 wheels and a horse has  4 legs and so does a chair!’ There’s  counting ‘one at a time’, fun movements to join in and an action song  for each number.

Rodd’s quirky take on activities that will be familiar to early years children and their adults  will inspire lots of chatting and hands-on learning. The films are ideal  both at home and as a starter for circle or small  group  times in early years settings.


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2 Responses to A great new free teaching resource

  1. Bev says:

    Hi I have just come across your informative site, thank you.
    I am a parent of a 4 year old starting school in September & they learn to write in the cursive style. Could you possibly share your opinion on this for early years children?

    • Many thanks for your comments. I have personally never taught children to write using a cursive script, but understand that although the process might take longer for children to master than learning to write individual letters with ‘flicks’, in the long run it does help children to become fluent and speedy writers. It is also thought to help with spelling. Do, of course, as I am sure you will, ask your child’s Reception teacher about how the school views the advantages. Ask for a copy of the script and for advice on helping your child at home. I hope this may be of help.

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