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VLEs in EYFS and KS1

At all stages, including EYFS, the learning platform is having a dramatic impact for child and family engagement, personalisation of learning and child-led and teacher-led assessment – all leading to empowerment for life-long learning…. Every week staff and children make a new discovery about what they can achieve with the learning platform. Continue reading

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Wow! learning in EYFS and KS1

Wow! learning in EYFS and KS1 We all love to follow through children’s personal interests, such as the universal fascination of wild animals.  Take giraffes.  Here are some Wow! facts with child-appeal (some  for EYFS and some for KS1). Giraffes … Continue reading

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Reclaiming natural play spaces

Reclaiming natural play spaces I read today about the London Borough of Camden’s development of natural play spaces for children, made possible by a £2.7m grant from the Government’s Play Pathfinders programme.  Go to for some truly inspiring examples … Continue reading

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Are all strangers dangerous?

Are all strangers dangerous? Obviously not; however, because of the tricky dilemma we all face in finding a way to keep our children safe without making them fearful of everyone, some young children can grow up believing this. And this … Continue reading

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Encouraging young children to write

new DCSF guidance for childminders and nurseries, Gateway to Writing emphasises the enormous value of role-play in making writing fun and meaningful for young children, especially when it is tailored to boys’ love of active play outside.

Writing through role play. Getting young children excited about writing, especially boys, requires some imaginitive planning. However, when approached as part of a role-play environment, writing can become a fulfilling and enjoyable activity. Continue reading

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