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Six top tips for picky eaters

Six top tips for picky eaters Don’t become your child’s permanent waiter or waitress! It’s so easy to fall into this trap  without realising it, and some parents find themselves forever in the role of food server to their child(ren) … Continue reading

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Geocaching for schools and families

….holding a Satnav/iPhone with children having to spot an interesting architectural /natural feature at the ‘destination’? Continue reading

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Beach and sea sense

Young children’s brains are hard-wired for narrative, and love a good story. ‘Morgan at the seaside’ is a delightful film for young children, telling the story of Morgan’s exciting day at the beach, when he meets the lifeguards and sees a lifeboat being launched and an exciting ‘rescue’. Continue reading

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Help keep children safe on the roads

Help keep children safe on the roads With the summer holidays fast approaching, it’s a good time to re-enforce key road safety messages for children. Child’s Eye Media has worked with the Department for Transport’s Think! Road Safety campaign to devise … Continue reading

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Teaching letter formation

Teaching letter formation It is essential that children learn to write legibly, fluently and quickly, in daily sessions, alongside phonics. These sessions should be separate from child-initiated contexts, such as  role play, where children are writing to communicate meaning. Obviously, … Continue reading

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