Encouraging parents to read bedtime stories

Research by  Tiscali’s current Talk Talk Campaign has revealed that half of  children nowadays do not have a bedtime story. See my blogs  –  What’s the story and In your night time garden .

Tactful and imaginative strategies , not just  by nursery and Reception teachers, can go a long way to  get across the vital message to parents about the enormous value of the bedtime story.  For example, you can make a huge wall list in your entrance hall of the favourite bedtime  stories of your setting’s/ school’s travelling  mascot.

Also, before March 13th, visit  http://www.talktalktales.co.uk/ to find out about how children, teachers and parents can enter a competition, judged by Bernard Cribbens, to find the country’s  best amateur storyteller.  The competition is simple to enter and there are valuable prizes, including book tokens .

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