Open a sports injuries clinic and get boys writing

A ‘sports injuries clinic’ offers lots of opportunities to get young children, especially boys, writing, for example, as they ‘jot down’ details about how the injury happened, during which ‘match’ or ‘Olympic training event’, and, of course, notes about the treatment, together with the name of the ‘patient’ – perhaps a famous sportsperson!

An ‘X-ray plate’, showing a ‘broken bone’ injury is an inspiring prop!  This is included, along with simple instructions about how children can make an ‘X-ray light box’, in the award-winning ‘Young Writers’ Role Play Pack’.  Video interviews with teachers using the Pack talking about its impact on children’s language development, role play and willingness to write is at . The Pack has DVD films of adults (including doctors) writing as part of their work, and children emulating them in role play (see the photo above of six year old Maeve, as ‘orthopaedic surgeon’), writing frames, innovative ideas, and distinctive outfits (including unique ‘write-on-the-pocket’ ‘helicopter police’ trousers). (All items available separately).

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