Don’t become your child’s waiter or waitress !

I’ve just read a great article in this week’s Nursery World about BLW – baby-led weaning.  This is the method of gradually moving a child from a milk diet to eating solid food without having a purée stage.  It allows a baby to control their solid food intake from the start of the weaning process by feeding themselves rather than being spoon-fed.

BLW aims to be a more natural way of weaning a child because they can follow their instincts, mimic others, and learn about food through exploration and set the pace of a meal, instead of having it dictated by the person feeding them.  By missing out the pureed food stage, BLW babies can learn to recognise individual foods, discover separate tastes, rather than have them blended together, and explore a variety of textures.

I’m sure that this approach would enormously help children grow into independent, non-picky eaters.  Gill Rapley, a former health visitor, has written a book with Tracey Markett, called Baby-led Weaning: helping your baby to love good food (Vermilion). Gill’s website is .

If, however, your child is fussy about their food,  take a break together and enjoy the award-winning film, India’s Sunday Funday, in which five year old India  enjoys her ‘5 a day’ and shares lots of fun ideas for making meal times enjoyable and nutritious.  The film is one of three on the ‘Keeping Myself Healthy’ DVD by Child’s Eye Media.  The other two films are ‘Looking after my teeth’ and ‘Looking after my body’.

See also my blog Six top  tips for picky eaters .



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