Teach your Bear to Sing

‘Teach your Bear to Sing’ is a great way to involve families in the fun of sharing nursery rhymes with young children.

In addition to daily nursery rhyme singing, have a special Bear Club once a week, when children bring (that morning or afternoon) their favourite bear – make sure everyone knows, though, that all soft toy animals, dolls and action figures are very welcome, too!

At the ‘Club’, each child, if they wish, can sing or say a rhyme that their bear etc has ‘learned’ that week.  Children can design stickers for their bears, to wear each time they have learned a new rhyme or song, and also certificates (e.g. Bronze for three rhymes learned, Silver for six, and Gold for ten rhymes).  Display all your nursery rhyme books at Bear Club time, so children can choose one that includes a particular rhyme they may be ‘teaching’ their bear that week, and want to practise.   For rhymes and songs that families may not know, children can take home a ‘My bear (etc) is learning…’ sheet, with the words to a rhyme or song that they can practise with their toy, with the help of family members. Encourage children to bring along their own nursery rhymes books to share at the club, too.  Some children really enter into the spirit, and enjoy recording themselves saying a rhyme on tape, and playing it behind their bear!

Have a permanent display area where families can see photos of individual bears etc, with their names, and also examples of children’s writing about their bears’ rhyme learning, displays of rhyme books, and children’s nursery rhyme-inspired picture and models.

The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes is a new and vibrant Big Book of twelve well-loved nursery rhymes that is durable enough to be used every day.  The price is £11.99. Please click on the link for more information –  The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes .


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