In your night time garden

For a quite magical treat, read your child’s bedtime story to them in your garden.

On top of your child’s pyjamas, add as much outdoor clothing and footwear as necessary, according to the weather.  To add to the excitement you can pop them in a sleeping bag.  Take out their chosen story, a rug and a  large torch, choose a special spot, and read away!

For extra magic, slip out beforehand, and attach a parcel decoration made from metallic ribbon – the silvery ‘rainbow’ kind is the best – to a tree or bush.  At the end of the story, shine the torch on the ‘shining star’ (which has ‘popped down from the sky for a rest’), and ask your child to make a wish.

Exploring your garden together at night time by torchlight is also a great way to help a child overcome a fear of the dark.  They can have fun chasing the beam across the grass,  take a close look at the dew on tree bark, spot cobwebs, lift stones and say hello to friendly worms. Shine the torch on a wall and have fun making shadows.  Use binoculars to look at any stars.  Then take an enchanted and very sleepy child to bed.  They will sleep like a log.

About Linda Mort | Early Years Learning

Early Years Learning is a blog by Linda Mort, a published early years specialist and Educational Director at Child's Eye Media.
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