What’s the story? Evening Glory

Bring back the Bedtime Story!  Fewer and fewer parents today are telling their children bedtime stories, and children are being deprived of a wonderful opportunity for emotional and linguistic nurturing.

Children’s brains are hard-wired for narrative, an incredibly powerful tool to enable children to organise and make sense of the world.

A story at bedtime feeds the imagination, develops abstract though and fosters a love of books, words and story-writing.

Have a Bedtime Story Month, with families contributing favourite stories from all over the world, to include stories from today and remembered tales from parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods.  Publish the stories in book format, with children’s illustrations, sell the books and raise money for charity.

About Linda Mort | Early Years Learning

Early Years Learning is a blog by Linda Mort, a published early years specialist and Educational Director at Child's Eye Media. www.childseyemedia.com
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2 Responses to What’s the story? Evening Glory

  1. Hilery Williams says:

    Absolutely right! It’s such a shame that this custom seems to be diminishing in families.
    Nothing can create the joy of reading more than sharing a story in a warm and loving environment.

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