Using a Learning Platform to welcome Reception children

Have any Reception teachers used a Learning Platform to welcome children to Big School before they start?

Just before a child starts, they can be given their own child-friendly icon log-in and view, from home with their families, a special ‘room’ to welcome new starters.  They can view scanned drawings, photos and videos and hear podcasts by older children about what school is like – for example ‘my first day’, ‘my favourite school lunch’.

A child’s future Reception teacher could send a scanned letter of welcome to the child, and upload a photo of themselves.  Families can also help young children ask questions through the forum.  At Staveley CE Primary School in Cumbria, children got to ‘know’ the school goldfish through the fishcam, and sent messages to the fish!

Any other examples?

About Linda Mort | Early Years Learning

Early Years Learning is a blog by Linda Mort, a published early years specialist and Educational Director at Child's Eye Media.
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